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UK Gambling Commission Gears Up for Regulatory Changes Following White Paper Release

The UK Gambling Commission has swiftly turned its attention to implementing the recommendations set out in the Gambling Act Review White Paper.

In a recent blog post published on 3 May 2023, Tim Miller, Executive Director for research and policy at the UK Gambling Commission, provided valuable insights into the Commission’s plans for the White Paper’s implementation.

The White Paper’s Scope and Goals

The White Paper, unveiled by the Secretary of State for DCMS, Lucy Frazer, comprises over 60 areas of work for the Gambling Commission alone.

This ambitious initiative is expected to dominate the Commission’s policy agenda for years to come, as it aims to deliver gambling reform fit for the digital age.

Implementing the Recommendations

Already, project teams within the Commission have started working on the various recommendations.

The first set of Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) consultations linked to the White Paper is scheduled for publication this summer.

These consultations will focus on the practical aspects of implementing the recommended changes, rather than reopening debates on public policy questions already addressed in the White Paper.

Consultations and Stakeholder Engagement

The Gambling Commission is legally obliged to consult on any changes to the LCCP and must consider all responses before making amendments.

By engaging with stakeholders, the Commission aims to ensure that a wide variety of experiences and expertise inform the implementation process.

This approach is designed to avoid unintended consequences arising from well-intentioned policy changes that fail to consider real-world implications.

Addressing Illegal Gambling and Regulatory Responsibilities

In addition to working on the White Paper recommendations, the Commission is also set to increase its regulatory powers to tackle illegal gambling.

It will also collaborate with other government bodies to meet its growing regulatory responsibilities.

While the White Paper sets the course for change, it’s important to note that current rules and regulations will remain in place until consultations are completed and statutory changes are made.

Continued Compliance Enforcement

During this transitional period, the Gambling Commission remains committed to enforcing compliance with existing requirements.

Operators who fail to meet the current standards can expect the Commission to take necessary actions to protect consumers and raise industry standards.

Expert Guidance and Support from SolutionsHub

SolutionsHub is dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest developments in the UK gambling landscape.

We will continue to provide expert guidance and support as the Gambling Commission works to implement these significant regulatory changes.

Stay tuned for more insights and updates on this unfolding situation, and make sure to read the full UK Gambling Commission’s Advice to Government for a deeper understanding of the Commission’s intentions.


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