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AI in the online gambling sector

Emma Shilling, Head of Compliance at SolutionsHub talks AI in online gambling.

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is often seen as a threat, but for the online gambling sector, perhaps the rewards outweigh the risks. It is likely that AI will reshape compliance methodologies and provide multiple advantages for upholding regulatory standards. From detecting fraud to enabling responsible gambling practices, AI has the potential to fundamentally alter the way operators manage risk.


Emma Shilling, Head of Compliance for SolutionsHub, examines the critical impact of AI on enhancing compliance practices for online gambling businesses and explores the proactive stance of the Isle of Man towards integrating AI into compliance protocols, emphasising its commitment to using technology to promote innovation and maintain a secure, transparent, and compliant online gambling environment.


Regulatory Compliance Monitoring


Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards across different jurisdictions poses a challenge. However, with the aid of AI technology, operators can now implement advanced monitoring systems capable of continuously analysing vast amounts of sources and data.


AI-powered systems can sift through immense amounts of data in real-time, flagging any irregularities or potential compliance issues. By automating compliance monitoring process, AI enables operators to take actions in real time.


Fraud Detection and Prevention


Providers of tools for fraud prevention and detection are enhancing their offerings by introducing AI analysis of complex patterns and anomalies in user behaviour.


Leveraging AI's advanced data analysis capabilities, compliance teams are empowered to identify and address fraudulent activities swiftly, protecting both users and platform integrity. This helps operators comply with anti-money laundering (“AML”) regulations and fosters trust with regulators and industry partners.


Responsible Gambling Measures


The formalisation of Responsible Gambling (“RG”) standards is expected to lead to the imposition of further licensing requirements in leading licensing jurisdictions globally.


Indeed, the frameworks for the key Markers of Harm have been established and adopted wholly or in part by a number of jurisdictions and stakeholders already.


With a growing understanding among operators acknowledging the value of effective RG practices when it comes to increasing the lifetime value of players, one hopes that the industry engages with regulators effectively on this topic, leading to a balanced discussion and implementation of reasonable, achievable standards.


From a practical perspective, leveraging AI to analyse user behaviours allows operators to detect signs of potential gambling-related issues much more effectively.


By swiftly identifying at-risk users, operators can intervene proactively, offering tailored support measures like self-exclusion options, deposit limits, or access to counselling services.


Data Protection and Privacy Compliance


Safeguarding data against breaches and unauthorised access is paramount in ensuring compliance with stringent privacy regulations such as GDPR.


Operators can implement robust data anonymisation techniques to protect the privacy of their users. These techniques involve the transformation of personally identifiable information into non-identifying data, thereby reducing the risk of exposure in the event of a breach.


AI-powered tools can actively monitor data usage, detect deviations from established data protection protocols, and flag potential breaches or unauthorised access attempts in real-time.


In the event of a data breach or security incident, AI-powered incident response mechanisms can facilitate swift and effective responses. AI can analyse the scope and impact of the breach, identify affected individuals, and recommend appropriate remedial actions in accordance with regulatory requirements and internal policy. By automating the incident response process, operators minimise potential consequences of data breaches while demonstrating accountability and compliance with data protection.


The Isle of Man's Approach to AI


It’s no surprise that the Isle of Man, which is known for its progressive outlook and commitment to technological advancement, has embraced AI.


At the forefront of this initiative is Digital Isle of Man, an Executive Agency within Isle of Man Government's Department for Enterprise, acting as a key decision maker and advisory body for the economic prosperity of the sector.


Digital Isle of Man have already initiated collaboration with global AI leaders, such as AI Singapore, with plans to recruit AI experts to develop a National AI Strategy and support its implementation.


This partnership aims to enhance the Isle of Man's AI capabilities, fostering a robust AI ecosystem and delivering broad social and economic advantages to the Island.


Digital Isle of Man are currently recruiting a Head of Artificial Intelligence, who will be tasked with driving the development and execution of the Isle of Man's AI strategy, fostering economic growth, and establishing the Isle of Man as a globally recognised centre of AI excellence. Crucially for online gambling operators, the new Head of AI will collaborate with local businesses, regulators like the Gambling Supervision Commission and Financial Services Authority to deliver key outcomes.


Key to the success of the Isle of Man's AI-driven strategy is its commitment to regulatory excellence and stakeholder engagement. By fostering an environment of collaboration and partnership, the Isle of Man has cultivated trust and confidence among industry participants, paving the way for the widespread adoption of AI technologies in operations.


Final Thoughts

AI is no longer a thing of science fiction and needs to be addressed. AI will present threats but also facilitate a significant uplift in consistency, accuracy, and immediacy of action.


The proactive embrace of AI by all stakeholders highlights the vital role of technology-driven solutions in fostering a resilient and compliant gambling environment.


As we continue to leverage AI's capabilities, we pave the way for a safer, more transparent, and sustainable future for the sector.


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