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Unikrn COO’s praise for SolutionsHub team

The team at SolutionsHub have been praised for our “unparalleled” understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

SolutionsHub worked with pioneering esports betting company Unikrn to obtain an Isle of Man gambling licence following its successful initial coin offering and launch of the company’s own cryptocurrency – Unikoin Gold.

Unikrn COO Andrew Vouris said: “From the moment we engaged Solutions Hub, their understanding of the Cryptocurrency market and Blockchain mechanics were unparalleled.

“We challenged their team with an extremely short runway for our license application, and they embraced the challenge head on and succeeded, driving our business and complementing our existing processes and resources.

“Given this was one of the first applications coming out of an ICO the Isle of Man Gambling Commission was processing, the obstacles faced were new and complex.

“Navigating a path which showcased the level of due diligence and rigour we undertook in our presale was crucial, and also suggesting an independent audit of the presale wallet addresses, not only ensured we were ultimately successful in our license application but has potentially driven a pathway for future ICOs to obtain licenses.”

‘Part of the family’

The SolutionsHub team of Lee Hills, Nick Wright and Emma Weston have vast experience in the financial services industry and specialise in regulation and licensing, particularly in the gambling space.

Andrew added: “The team at Solutionshub, complimented and understood our business so well, that we engaged them to additionally assist with the sourcing of resources for our on Island Compliance Team, and in an interim capacity whilst these crucial roles were in the process of being sourced assumed significant roles which allowed Unikrn to trade immediately.

“On a personal note, Nick and Lee have now become part of the Unikrn family from our perspective. It is impossible to think we would have achieved the same result with any other provider I have seen in my experience across any of the jurisdictions I have worked in.

“I’m excited to see the direction SolutionsHub continues to grow into.”

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