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Double awards recognition for SolutionsHub

The team at SolutionsHub are celebrating a double awards triumph.

We are proud to have been named “Leading Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Gambling Experts of the Year, Isle of Man” at the Leading Adviser Awards 2021 as well as “Best Blockchain Gambling Licensing Services, Isle of Man” at the World Finance Awards.

Acquisition International, which hosts the awards, said: “Across all sectors and industries, from lawyers, accountants, bankers and consultants to HR professionals, IT specialists and technology experts, a vast array of outside agencies and organisations, outside individuals can contribute massively to a company’s success, having invaluable input for its top tier management team.

“As such, they have become a fundamental part of the ever-evolving business landscape and with the help of our in-house research team, once a year we look to highlight some of the most renowned and innovative professionals from around the world.”

SolutionsHub, based in Douglas, is a global leader in gambling regulation and helps operators with licensing, compliance and other regulatory affairs. Last year, SolutionsHub was named Crypto Betting Supplier of the Year.

SolutionsHub CEO Lee Hills said: “We’re very proud to be recognised with two awards – the Leading Adviser Awards and World Finance Awards.

“We are world leaders in crypto betting regulation and work with companies and regulators at the forefront of innovation to deliver solutions in what is a dynamic and ever-evolving industry.

“This award is not only a proud moment for us but also testament to our clients and Digital Isle of Man, whose ongoing work continues to make the island such an attractive base for blockchain-based businesses.”

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