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Google’s Online Gambling Advertising Policies

Emma Shilling, Head of Compliance for SolutionsHub, provides a summary of Google’s online gambling advertising policies.

Introduction to Google’s Gambling Advertising Policies

As a responsible organisation, Google’s policies suggest its support of ethical gambling advertising and adherence with local gambling laws.

Understanding the key aspects of Google’s policies will help you navigate online gambling advertising with confidence.

Google’s Policy Requirements

Google, as a significant power in advertising, allows gambling-related advertisements, however, only if the adverts adhere with Google’s policies. The advertiser must possess the necessary Google Ads certification, whilst the adverts themselves must be targeted at approved countries, exhibit information about responsible gambling, and, most importantly, must not target minors.

Offline Gambling Promotion

Offline gambling activities are permitted under Google’s policies. This includes promotions for land-based casinos, entertainment events at casinos, and streaming of offline poker tournaments.

With online gambling, advertisers must obtain Google certification to promote activities such as online casinos, sports betting, lottery, bingo, and slots.

Gambling-Related Content Promotion

Google allows the promotion of sites featuring gambling-related content. These may include:

(a) Promotional products, such as vouchers or bonus codes;

(b) Educational materials, such as tutorials or e-books;

(c) Software tools, like poker odds calculators; and

(d) Other gambling-related analysis tools, such as tip-generators, odds, handicapping, and sports picks.

Aggregator or affiliate sites promoting gambling-related content are also permitted under Google’s policies.

Online Non-Casino Games

The utilisation of games which do not conform with traditional casino products, where money or money’s worth are wagered for an opportunity to win real money or prizes, are also permissible within Google’s policies.

Examples of such games include fantasy sports, chess tournaments, or tile-matching video games, for example Tetris or Bejewelled.

Social Casino Games

Gambling is widely interpreted as involving consideration, risk/randomness and reward/prize (money or money’s worth).

Whereas, social casino games are online simulated games with no opportunity to win money or money’s worth. Such games are permissible for advertisement by Google if they comply with the Company’s policies and the advertiser holds the proper certification.

Social casino games must target countries where that type of gameplay is approved and should not appeal to minors.

It is worth noting that such ads cannot promote destinations where games with real money or money’s worth items (such as prizes) are involved.

Gambling Country Restrictions

Each jurisdiction can have a very different approach to gambling practice and legislation. Therefore it is crucial to be aware of the restrictions and limitations of the countries that an advertising campaign intends targeting.

If a particular jurisdiction is not listed within Google’s List of ad policies, this indicates that gambling advertising is not supported in that particular country.

Final Takeaway

Complying with Google’s online gambling advertising policies is vital for organisations who wish to use Google within their marketing strategies.

By adhering to these policies, and maintaining responsible advertising practices, online gambling operators ensure a seamless and compliant experience when promoting gambling-related content on Google’s vast platform.

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