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James O’Kelly becomes Certified Blockchain Expert

We are delighted to announce that James O’Kelly has been recognised as a Certified Blockchain Expert.

Awarded by the Blockchain Council, the certification allows professionals to demonstrate a profound understanding of blockchain technology and show they are equipped to build blockchain-based applications for businesses.

The course covered the blockchain ecosystem, mining, security and privacy, blockchain solutions and use cases. 

James, who joined SolutionsHub in January as Gaming Specialist, said: “Egaming and blockchain are the two main business areas we focus on at SolutionsHub.

“I am passionate about both sectors and always keen to extend my knowledge and understanding of both. The blockchain sector is hugely interesting with massive potential for many businesses and functions and I’m delighted to be working at the forefront of such a fast-moving and dynamic industry.”

SolutionsHub CEO Lee Hills said: “We’re proud that James has received his qualification.

“Such qualifications are important so that clients and potential clients know we are knowledgeable not only about licensing and regulation but also about the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

“With this wider understanding, we are better able to advise on their specific cases and circumstances.”

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