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Data Protection, GDPR, and DPO: Is your company in the know?

In an increasingly digital world, data protection has never been more important and yet many organisations are lagging behind when it comes to understanding their requirements and responsibilities.

The topic of data protection was placed under close scrutiny in May 2018 when General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced, requiring many companies to update their policies and the way they work with customer or client information.

Rules around data protection are nothing new. In the UK, for example, the Data Protection Act has been around since 1984 and yet still many companies aren’t up to speed with what is required of them.

This is particularly pertinent in the egaming industry, where respectable gambling licences impose strict rules regarding how operators handle customer information, with heavy penalties if they are not adhered to. There is also often the requirement for companies to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who is ultimately responsible for the function.

SolutionsHub COO Nick Wright, a Qualified Data Practitioner (PD.dp), said: “Any company handling customer, client or user information needs to be aware of data protection but it’s particularly important in highly regulated industries such as egaming, where penalties for infringements are high and can even include loss of licence.

“It also makes good business sense – it’s vital that customers and clients know they can trust your company with their information, otherwise you will struggle to acquire or retain them. “At SolutionsHub our experience, expertise and training means we can advise clients on a case-by-case basis regarding data protection, GDPR and even provide DPO solutions if required.”

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